Monster Keeper – free mobile HTML5 game is released!

Monster Keeper – free mobile HTML5 game is released!

Finally! After long months of development we released our newest social game online! Monster Keeper is our most mature mobile project. We spent a lot of time on developing mechanisms of gameplay, as well as the graphical design. During production we had a lot of sweaty moments :) From the beginning we knew that this time we need something different, so we made a social, freemium game with extended gameplay, and a progress of player with the time he plays.

Comparing to our previous games player needs to focus more on a gameplay itself. The main task of player is monsters breeding, learning and sending them to work. Each monster is different, has different abilities, and needs various levels of skills development. Breeding process is easy in the beginning only. Later player will need to focus more on gaining enough funds to breed higher level creatures. Player will meet many tasks and goals to achieve, some will be easy, but some will require an effort to be finished. If you feel ready for a new challenge – join our first release at Mocospace! There are many people who will need help to finish breeding of their monsters, and also they will be willing to help you achieve the same!

Monster Keeper features:

  • FREE to play!
  • Leaderboard, where you can compare your scores with your friends results
  • Stunning, colorful graphics
  • You can unlock loads of different creatures
  • Each creature has three stages of growth, and it can learn in various schools
  • Each creature can work, and unlock better paid professions
  • You can Collect money every day from your monsters work!
  • Energy of player needs to be regenerated 
Joins us, and become the best Monster Keeper!


  1. were can i get help on playing this game? you need to put a help page up. Specifically.. i need to increase the creativity to 10 to reach a goal, how can i increase the creativity to a monster? when i bought Milo monster it said he is 5 intelligence, 6 strength, and 10 creativity. when i got him he only came with 5,5,3. so it’s my understanding i have to increase it to 10.. from 3. correct? how do i go about this? and how are we players going to learn to play well if there is no help? I love the game..and IT WORKS! doesn’t crash.. but trying to figure it out is not fun.

  2. przemek

    Hello, You may find most of answers on game forum at mocospace: Try also the game chat, where all players help each other.
    But basicaly: You need to send your monster to schools. There are various school types, and each raises strength, intelligence or creativity. All you need to do is to choose a monster cave, and click Learn button placed under the monster image. To raise the required skill, you need to send it few or more times to same school.
    Milo, and other monsters before being bought have the maximum of their skill shown as information only – it is information which say that adult monster can have such skills value. So when you start breeding you will see a lower skill value, because monster is still small, and it needs some work to achieve maximum skills for him. I hope that helps you.

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