About Us

We are a team of gamers and IT maniacs. We love HTML5 mobile games! They are our specialization and biggest interest for the future.

We chose the Bushido name, because in our mind all the virtues that The Way of The Warrior stands for, are essential to achieve all even impossible goals.

We treat our contractors the way we would like to be treated and we expect the same. This is our code and we work this way every day.

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Hire us!

Bushido Games is looking for new challenges and partnership opportunities.

If your company needs a high quality desktop and mobile HTML5 games, we are always open for cooperation. We gained a lot of experience in this field in the past few years.

For more details, games portfolio and cooperation proposals please contact us directly: [email protected]

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Contact Us

Bushido Games Sp. z o.o.

ul. Małkowskiego 30/1
70-231 Szczecin

KRS: 0000477212

Contact us, if you like our projects or you have an interesting proposal of cooperation.

[email protected] or by phone: +48 513 150 286

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