Play Bushido Games – web based mobile games for your portal.

Play Bushido Games – web based mobile games for your portal.

New year brought us new ideas, new projects, and new approach towards business side of our activity. This time we researched the market to find and develop other opportunities. The idea we came up with is closed within a new product, based on games we already created. Play Bushido Games is a mini portal for mobile devices (iOS, Android, BlackBerry). It is a base for development of a platform which can bring new business opportunities. Our project is designed especially for publishers, operators, portals, social networks who want to enlarge their audience, monetize their traffic better or make their entertainment section more attractive for existing users.

Play Bushido Games can be connected to any existing mobile network. It doesn’t require plugins, games downloads, or updates from client’s side. Player enters a game, and can have fun directly after clicking a “Play” button. The great advantage of this solution is that portals who have it connected, don’t need to send player outside of network (as it is usually done with native games).

The business opportunities, and ideas based on our solution are practically endless. Publisher may place it within his network as a separate “Games” section, or as a part of a mobile social network. Version shown here is very basic – but imagine it designed for a specific network, or partner. In this situation it may change it’s looks, functionality, and have much more games included. Everything will depend on business proposals we would receive or negotiate.

The business model we base our idea on for now are mobile advertisements. Portal can be tailored for needs of any business partner including:

  • Customization of page (footer, logo, colors, localization,)
  • We can connect various kinds of mobile advertisements (static, rich media, etc)
  • We can rebrand our games to advertise partners products
















We welcome any concrete, and promising opportunity of cooperation!  To learn more, and evaluate possibilities, please visit our portal HERE.

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